The Amazing Giraffe

18 Mar

What is so amazing about the Giraffe?

The 25 pound giraffe heart is probably the most powerful in the animal kingdom!  Bristol Foster commented in National Geographic on the giraffe’s heart: “To drive blood eight feet up the 500 pound neck to the head, the heart is exceptionally large and thick-muscled, and the blood pressure—twice or three times that of man—is probably the highest in any animal.”   But the brain is a very delicate structure which cannot stand high blood pressure. The elevated pressure on the brain should cause the giraffe to faint when he bends down to take a drink? Does he ‘blow his mind’? Fortunately, three design features were included in the giraffe to control this and related problems.

1. First, the giraffe was designed to know that it must spread his front legs apart in order to drink comfortably. This lowers the level of the heart somewhat and so reduces the difference in height from the heart to the head of the drinking animal. This results in excess pressure in the brain being less than if the legs were kept straight.

2. Second, the giraffe’s jugular vein was designed with a series of one-way check valves which immediately close when the head is lowered, preventing blood from flowing back down into the brain.  But what of the blood flow through the carotid artery from the heart to the brain?

3. A third design feature is the ‘wonder net’, a spongy tissue filled with numerous small blood vessels located near the base of the giraffe brain. The arterial blood first flows through this net of vessels before it reaches the brain. When the giraffe stoops to drink, the wonder net controls the blood flow so that the full pressure is not exerted on the brain.

Equally amazing is the fact the blood does not pool in the legs. This is prevented by an extremely tough skin and an inner fascia.  This skin combination has been studied extensively by NASA scientists in their development of gravity-suits for astronauts.

How can this be?

If the giraffe evolved, along with developing a longer neck, it had to generate a huge heart to push blood up the neck, special valves to maintain its blood pressure, and an anti-gravity suit to resist the extreme pressure that is routinely produced. Did these structures come about merely by coincidence?

Wolf-Ekkehard Lonning wrote in March of 06” “No data from giraffes then (in Darwin’s time) existed to support one theory of causes over another, and none exist now.  The spotty evidence gives no insight into how the long-necked giraffe species arose.”

The most likely conclusion must obviously lead away from evolution. The giraffe’s amazing abilities are a testament to design in the animal kingdom. From its long neck to its anti-gravity-suit skin, the giraffe’s diverse nature defies the theory of evolution, and embraces the opposite concept—design.  When design is evident then the obvious conclusion is THERE MUST BE A DESIGNER.  It takes far more faith to believe in evolution than it does to believe in God as designer and creator of our amazing world.







The Amazing Bombardier

15 Mar

In the Beginning

Genesis 1:1  First this:  God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don’t see.

We are blown away God by your amazing creation.  What we can see blows us away—it is so awe inspiring—but those things hidden to the eye cause jaw-dropping wonder.  Consider the beetles.  There are 300,000 species of beetles on the earth?  One in every five creatures is a beetle.

One amazing beetle is called the Bombardier. This little fellow looks like just your average beetle—until he gets put on the defensive.  Then WATCH OUT!

The Bombardier has two cannons that shoot out boiling hot gasses.  He has built in, two storage chambers for combustible gasses.  When he releases them just at the right time, their combination creates an explosion in the face of the would-be predator.

  • It’s boiling hot—212 degrees
  • It smells foul
  • It makes a popping noise and turns to steam which gives Mr. Beetle a cloud cover for escape.

Would-be predators will most likely flee to get away from his stinky, hot steam.  This beetle can shoot off his twin cannons repeatedly in 260 degrees of various angles—if the first shot doesn’t do the trick.

This beetle needs such sophistication because of its vulnerability on the ground. Unlike many other insects, the beetle cannot take instantly to the air when under attack from a predator.  First it has to unfurl its wings from beneath their covers and the dischargeable glands buy this beetle time to get airborne.

How can evolution account for this marvelous design?  It can’t, so they use the age-old excuse— “anything can adapt if given millions of years.” Sorry—design does not come, apart from a designer.  Without a doubt, this beetle was carefully designed and empowered with its amazing abilities.   Only God could be the designer.

As we travel throughout OUR AMAZING WORLD with all its great variety of insects, animals, people and growing things, we see evidence of intricate design on every hand.  Through study of the design we meet God, the Designer.